Magic Bed Sheet Holder

Magic Bed Sheet Holder

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Needle-free Design: The down quilt holder adopts a needle-free shell design, beautiful appearance, light weight, no metal, smooth, and does not hurt the skin, so that your quilt and quilt tightly cover together and avoid moving, so as to obtain a Very comfortable and restful night to sleep.

No Marks and No Needles: We use environmental soft rubber needles without stitches to fix the duvet cover in place, which is safe for your family, will not damage and stain the blanket , and there is no need to worry about yourself being hurt by the needles.

Asy Opening and Closing: The unique design of the bed cover cover clip makes them easy to fix and disassemble in a few seconds. The duvet cover clip is equipped with two different lengths (15mm / 25mm) of soft silicone needles, which can meet the needs of different thicknesses of quilts in different seasons.

Lightweight: Each clip weighs mini than 0.25 ounces and is mini than one inch in size when fully closed. Say goodbye to clumsy clamps or heavy magnets, which can hurt and depress the bed cover.

Suitable Objects: Fastener anti-skid buckle, suitable for duvets, sheets, mattresses, tablecloths, sofa covers, furniture covers, hanging decorations, curtains, etc., suitable for bedding of various sizes.


Style A- syringe 1, button*24 and long plastic needle*200 (suitable for 5-12 kg quilt)
Style B-syringe 1, button*48 and long plastic needle*400 (suitable for 5-12 kg quilt)
Suitable for: duvet Donuts, sheets, flat sheets, mattress pads, bed sheets, mattress pads, tablecloths, slipcovers, Comforter Pins, twin or full Works with all types all sizes of bedding.

1. Pull out the soft needle of appropriate length.
2. Insert the smaller end of the soft needle into the gun needle.
3. Insert the button with the groove side down into the gun needle.
4. Insert the quilt to fix it.

Packing List C:
1*Needle (with Cover)
24*Silicone Soft Sleeve
400*25mm Soft Needle

Packing List D:
1*Needle (with Cover)
48*Silicone Soft Sleeve
400*25mm Soft Needle

Packing List E:
1*Needle (with Cover)
48*Silicone Soft Sleeve
400*15mm Short Soft Needle

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