Ceiling Balls Reviews | Best Ceiling Balls for 2021

Are you facing a lot of stress ?How to relief this stress? Today’s article is about the newest stress toy:ceiling balls.


You can throw these ceiling balls to the ceiling,ceiling balls glow in the dark,it's a good ideal when you can't sleep,Lying in bed have nothing to do.It's so boring, rignt?Oh maybe you want to watch your phone,please not.It's hurt yor eyes,especially when you don't turn on light.

Sticky Balls Ceiling


Try this glow ceiling balls?It will glow you ceiling,but how to choose ceiling balls? which ceiling balls is worth to buy,Now let begin our test article.

Best Ceiling Balls for 2021

When you first look at these balls,you will feel it's same,isn't?Maybe there are same,there are all sticky balls,but it's so different,more video you can check this Youtube video.

How many types of stick ceiling balls?

Now in the market,it's have two type:one type is empty,without anything in the balls,so it's very light,we weight these empty ceiling balls,it’s about 10g,so if you buy these glow ceiling balls,it will have two result:one it will sticky on the ceiling long long time,maybe more than 24 hours,it's too light,not easy to fall down,not very recommend this type it's look very chaep and have the smell of plastic.


You can see the quality of these empty sticky balls is poor,look like junk,maybe the price is lower,but not worth your money.

ceiling balls tiktok

So you want to choose Glow Ceiling Balls,don't choose these empty Ceiling Balls .

The second type of Glow Ceiling Balls it has filler,white filler.

But the material of the filler is different.

We cut two ceiling balls:the left one bought online,it has white filler,but the quality is not very good,when you smell these balls ,it has strong plastic smell.You can see the material is like foam.Not recommecd to buy it has smell .The smell is bad for kids when they play these celing balls.So if you bought stick ceiling balls and have stronge smell,drop it! 

The organge one is Kitchoria’s stick ceiling balls,it's very soft and kitchoria‘s Sticky Ceiling Balls approve CPSIA TEST and other safe test!

The price is same as other sticky ceiling balls in the market,you can get via this linking.Without any plastic smell,you can playwith children at ease.

Why my Ceiling Balls not glow ?

Why your ceiling balls not grow?What’s the problem? These ceiling balls in the pictures are glow type but why the top one is not glow,different ceiling balls have differnt quality,the first is not glow compare other ceiling balls.

The most differnt thing is to find goos quality ceiling balls and it's glow in the dark,why not choose Kitchoria’s stick ceiling balls,it has good feel and glow in dark.

glow ceiling balls

What's Ceiling Balls look like in dark?

The most interesting parts is there ceiling balls will glow in the dark,so when you can't sleep in bed ,it's good toys you can play,it's glow in the DARK,not very obvious.drew the curtains. More dark more obvious.

How to let Ceiling Balls fall faster?

How to let these ceiling balls fall fatser,when you first get these ceiling balls,don't play these balls immediately,maybe it will stick on the ceiling……

You can dip Talcum powder or any power from your girl friend,you can ask them,they are familer what you say,you can say:CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME POWER ? Just little ,not too much,they you can play at once.

How to let Ceiling Balls stick again

If you play for long time,it’s not stick like new,wash it .Then these ceiling balls will sticky again,maybe when you first play these balls,not very easy to control,but when you practice many times,it's easy to play.

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